Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Home studio AKA home corridor

So I have recently been playing around at home trying to find the best place to set up a home studio and have finally come to the conclusion that for my home, the best place to shoot is in the corridor. Well ok "best" place is perhaps a little strong, of course there is the limitations due to the corridors secondary function as it is also used as a walkway which gains people access to different parts of our apartment but for achieving soft, flattering light I found it to be really great as the white walls and ceiling act like a massive cube of light reflecting the light all over the place.

Here are some example's of the soft light which I am talking about, these were taken yesterday on the fly when a semi serious portrait shoot spontaneously turned a little bit weird, to give a true example of the light, apart form a little sharpening for screen, these shots are so far unprocessed:

It seems that my plans of keeping this chronological during the process of updating my blog have gone down the pan, never mind. Logic is probably overrated anywayz

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