Wednesday, 17 February 2010 2009

OK, so finally I have got my act semi together and am here ready to post some of my recent work ... Unfortunately some of the shots which I am most excited about recently can, for various reason's can not yet be released but I will try to post up some stuff before I leave for an also long awaited snowboarding trip to France with my brothers.

So in an attempt to keep things somewhat chronological (I am so happy that blogspot has a built in spell checker), my first stop takes us back to summer 2009 where I was luck enough to shoot at the annual event in Zurich. This was a super fun event and big thanks to Benny Schiegg from Nike for hooking me up with that job.

The event was a load of fun, to shoot and I remember feeling really lucky to be there. I met some really cool people including Mario Sido and Dirty Drew Harris and I really learn a great deal that weekend shooting in the summer breeze. I will come back to these shots later and hope to post some more technical info in later post.

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